Prof. Schubert in the "most influential scientists"

The Stanford statistician John Ioannidis publishes a list of the 100,000 most influential scientists (science-wide).

In the single-year ranking of the current version (based on the data for the year 2021, published November 2022), Prof. Schubert ranks 92735.

TU Dortmund has 17 members in the top 100,000, led by Erman Tekkaya (mechanical engineering, #25235) and Oliver Kayser (biochemistry, #38430). Our rector Manfred Bayer (physics, #87172) is included as well as Boris Otto (industrial information management, #78427), another professor co-opted in Computer Science. Almost in the top 100.000 is Günter Rudolph (#105622).

The ranking is based on Elsevier's Scopus data and the composite citation index (c-score) developed by the Stanford statistician John Ioannidis. The index combines scaled citation numbers (without self-citations), h-index and hm-index, but also uses the author order. Nevertheless, any such ranking is based on design choices and data that may be biased, e.g., the Elsevier Scopus data use to be journal-oriented and not value compute science conferences as much.

The similar "career-long" ranking contains 19 members of the TU Dortmund, including the three computer scientists Günter Rudolph (#43603), Ingo Wegener (#67497) and Bernhard Steffen (#75346).